Cleanse the Soul with Creativity!

Posted September 10th, 2016 by Jason

The receptionist at work once again dazzled me with her exceptional versatility-—it’s like, “why are you here answering phones when you could be the next Martha Stewart?”

She’s created an indoor garden by cleverly utilizing dead space in her apartment. She showed me pictures of her horticulture setup. She’s got a wide assortment of herbs tacked to the walls of her kitchen–where there’s plenty of morning sunlight. Apparently you can jar dried herbs, bring them out in the dead of winter, and they’ll mix just fine with dinner!

Another section of kitchen is devoted to clean air and esthetic appeal. Along with herbs, her green walls consist of a variety of plant species. The 5’X 8’ boxes that she mounted to her wall looked silly at first, but once the plants started to grow, she said you barely notice the boxes!

How Fun!

Uncommon Laboratory Hazards

Posted June 20th, 2016 by Jason

While you wouldn’t think of it, since one’s a solid at room temperature and the other is a trace atmospheric gas, silica sand is the homologous compound to carbon dioxide. Both carbon and silicon can make four separate bonds with other elements, and oxygen can make two bonds with another element. While sand isn’t pure silicon dioxide, it does go to show just how common silicon is in the makeup of the earth’s crust. This also explains why sand and carbon dioxide are both used as fire extinguishers – the energy of the fire isn’t high enough to break down the bonds holding the oxygen in the sand (or the CO2) and they smother it.

Until you get to exotic chemicals. Like chlorine triflouride, which was a hypergolic (self igniting and oxydizing) compound investigated as a rocket fuel component. Putting sand on a chlorine triflouride fire ignites it. And releases things like hydroflouric acid.

Tall Tails In A Turkish Bar

Posted February 24th, 2016 by Jason

Mr. Genderbar arrived at the appointed Turkish bar fashionably late. Mr. Fumata, a friend, and famous world travel writer, was already at the bar waiting for his arrival.

On this occasion they agreed to celebrate their annual meeting with a Japanese custom by ordering warm Saki. As they enjoyed their Saki, they each shared tall tales of their travel adventures, while boldly bragging about never being scammed during any their travels.

The bartender, wanting to tarnish their perfect records, offered to arrange for the most pleasurable thai massage Manchester for just two hundred lira each.

Both men agreed. They arrived at the address he gave them only to find an empty public pool, posted with a contamination health warning.

At the end of the story, the Turkish bartender, wishing to teach a lesson, met the pair, returned their lira, and advised them to never order warm Sake in a Turkish bar.

Photography Event of a Lifetime

Posted October 18th, 2015 by Jason

Last week I had the privilege of going to the new photography exhibition at the Downtown Arts Center. The Arts Center was lucky enough to get the chance at hosting the touring Ansel Adams exhibit. I was thrilled to be able to see Ansel Adams prints in person! They look incredible blown up and the detail in each picture is unreal. I did not get too long to look at each print as the crowds were crazy! There had to be thousands of people who attended just that day to see the photography. One thing that made a difference in my experience was the exhibition staff London hired by the Arts Center for this exhibit. They made the experience wonderful. Even though it was very crowded, the staff was well-trained and able to handle the crowds. I’m hoping I’ll have the chance to see Ansel Adams’ prints one more time before the exhibit moves!

The Flower Show

Posted August 26th, 2015 by Jason

I’m a full time member of the events staff at the city’s convention center. A lot of work and planning goes into every show we host. Most people would be amazed at the amount of work it takes to pull a show together.

Today is move-in day for the vendors. Each one will have a truck or van loaded with their display items. They all have to find their booth space and get set up. My job is to make sure they get help if they need it, so the show can open on time.

I’ve always loved the atmosphere of move-in days. People are busy and the schedule is tight, but hope is in the air. The vendors always start with the feeling this show will be their best sales effort of the year. I always hope the same thing they do, and I also hope they’ll come back for next year’s show.

Total Body Manipulation

Posted August 8th, 2015 by Jason

Few have experienced total body manipulation. Thai massage Liverpool is a very vigorous and energizing massage that is quite enjoyable. The professional will take you and move your body into all types of yoga like poses. Surprisingly, you keep all your clothes on during this intense massage session. I must say that it looks kind of strange, but it is actually very soothing. Afterwards, your body will feel renewed and ready for the world.

Here is what took place during my massage session. The professional massage therapist requested that I settle down on a comfortable padded mat on the floor in the middle of the room. I removed my shoes and settled down. The professional massage therapist explained what was going to happen. She started taking my limbs and using her arms, hands, and legs to adjust my body and pull it in different poses. It lasted about 60 minutes and was a very enjoyable experience.

Texas Size Heart

Posted June 1st, 2015 by Jason

The little puppy was out by his house again. Johnny had see the tiny little animal running around with a big dog for a while. The little pup looked hungry, and seemed to be losing weight every time Johnny saw it. One day, Johnny managed to coax it to him. It was so friendly, licking his face right away. He called his brother over to look at it. His brother said he knew someone that could keep the little puppy, and it would never go hungry again. He picked up his phone, and dialed a woman named Rebecca. She got there quickly, and brought some food and water with her. She left her truck running with the air conditioning Manchester on. They handed her the puppy, and she quickly checked it for any injuries, and then put it in a carrier with the food and water. As she pulled away, Johnny’s brother told him how Rebecca had saved many animals, paying for their medical treatment with her own money. Johnny looked at him and said, “She must surely have a heart the size of Texas”.

Best Date Ever

Posted April 21st, 2015 by Jason

It had been a while since I have been on a date. I finally got to go on a date last week. It was amazing. I had been chatting online with this guy, and we finally decided to meet. We met at one of my favorite restaurants. He presented me with flowers Harrogate,which is something that I never received on the first date.

After a great dinner, we took a stroll around the park. We talked for two hours about life and the things that we wanted in a relationship. I felt an instant connection with him. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before. Before we went home, we agreed that we would meet again in the near future. We will be going out again this weekend, and I cannot wait.